Eye Makeup

There is not just one trend everyone needs to follow...this season anything goes! So why not try a new way to apply eye shadows to make your eyes pop!

Here are a list of colors that enhance each eye color!

Blue Eyes: Gray, violet, taupe, purple, deep blue, silver, fuchsia, turquoise, and green. Blue eyes pop with bronze eye shadow!

Green Eyes: Red and pink tones enhance green eyes because it is the complimentary color to green. Copper, coral, apricots, deep browns, plum and purple. Gold jewelry really enhances green eyes as well! Check out my jewelry store at www.jpcreations.etsy.com for gold jewelry that fits your style!

Brown Eyes: Green, champagne, bronze, gold, brown, blue, green, and purple. Rich golds and metallics really make brown eyes pop. Primary colors such as royal blue, crimson red, lime, and bright yellow. Gold is a metal made for brown eyed girls check out my jewelry at www.jpcreations.etsy.com to find gold earrings!


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